Phone: (530)-662-9626

Address: 12410 County Road 99W,
Yolo CA 95697
  • Farmers Grain Elevator

    For over 70 years, Farmers Grain Elevator has specialized in the carriage and distribution to market of wheat, corn, barley, safflower and various other agricultural products.

  • Seed Division

    In the late 1960s Farmers Grain Elevator extended its reach to the grower by providing seed cleaning and processing services.

Company History

Farmers Grain Elevator is a privately owned grain company located in Yolo, CA on Interstate 5. Farmers Grain Elevator was established in 1937 by Thomas Mezger of Zamora, CA

Grain Purchasing

For current price quotes on wheat, corn, barley, oats, milo, safflower, almond hulls, and triticale please contact: Dan Mezger (530) 662-9626

Mezger Trucking

Mezger Trucking, Inc. was established in 1971 to provide timely transportation services for the grower from the field to the primary storage location.

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